Our Experience

WavEC is a pioneer in supporting wave energy technology development and implementation.


Our journey began in 2003 with the challenging task of revitalising the 400 kW Pico Pilot Plant, a construction from the '90s, in the harsh environment of the Azores.


Following the successful 10 years of operation and the acquisition of invaluable insights through extensive refurbishment efforts, WavEC actively collaborated with over a dozen wave energy technology developers, including AWS, Waveroller, Pelamis, Wedge, and CorPower, among others.

Demonstration OWC Pico Plant
Demonstration OWC Pico Plant

The Pico OWC, in the Azores, consisted of a pneumatic chamber design to harness incident waves to generate an air stream, which in turn drives a turbine and produces electricity for the local grid.

Pelamis Wave Energy Farm
Pelamis Wave Energy Farm

WavEC key activities: Evalution of the energy production from Pelamis Wave Farm tested in Portugal

CorPower's Wave Energy Project
CorPower's Wave Energy Project

WavEC key activities: numerical modelling​, tank testing and innovative control , moorings design​, LCOE assessment​, support on the certification, PPA, and permitting process​ and environmental monitoring plan and execution.


Photo courtesy of CorPower Ocean


Developing a generic PTO for integration into wave-type devices of the type arises in order to be mass produced.


WETFEET has the overall aim to understand and find solutions to the constraints of wave energy technology.


Designing, testing and validating a crosscutting Direct Drive Power Take-Off solution to be used with multiple types of wave energy converter.


Advanced Braking Module with Cyclic Energy Recovery System (CERS) for enhanced reliability and performance of Wave Energy Converters


Development of a platform to support offshore aquaculture.


Development of a new class wave energy converter based on hydrodynamic lift forces.

What We Do

By engaging in rigorous research and fostering collaborations with both industry and academic partners, WavEC delivers specialized services that play a pivotal role in advancing the comprehension of wave energy technology. These services are tailored to address a spectrum of challenges, both technical and non-technical in nature.


Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of wave energy development, ranging from conceptual design and thorough feasibility studies to providing comprehensive consultation services for technology evaluation, economic assessment, and monitoring.

Environmental and social impact
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (e.g., marine mammals, underwater noise)
  • Socio-Economic Impact Studies 
  • Environmental consenting risk & Constraint Mapping    
  • Environmental monitoring 
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Social-LCA & Biodiversity LCA    
  • Environmental Survey Procurement & Management    
  • GIS: Advanced Spatial Analysis and Modelling 
  • Structural Engineering and modelling of fluid-structure interactions
  • Detailed CFD modelling of marine energy structures
  • Cable and mooring design analysis
  • Advanced O&M, Reliability Modeling and Maintenance Strategy
  • Prototype testing in wave tank 
  • Wind turbine generator engineering
  • Digital Twinning: Real-Time Data, Performance & Maintenance
Project development support
  • Metocean reports to support design    
  • Site assessment and mapping    
  • Conceptual design, layout definition and WTG selection    
  • Grid connection assessments    
  • Wake modelling and energy yield assessments    
  • Tendering & auction support, bid strategy definition    
  • Permitting & Consenting support    
  • Stakeholder engagement    
Applied R&D in marine renewables
  • Floating wind innovations
  • Floating PV
  • Ocean energy (wave, tidal, OTEC)
  • Hydrogen
  • Energy storage
  • Co-location with other marine uses (e.g., aquaculture, habitat restoration – Nature Inclusive/Enhancing Designs, interactions with Marine Protected Areas, static fishing)
Advisory, Strategy and Training
  • Energy & environmental policy advisory
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement plans
  • Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Advanced training programs for executives
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Support to EU and private funding applications 
Economic and Market Analysis
  • Market studies
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Techno-economic & LCOE modelling
  • OPEX Forecasts
  • Foresight and scenario building
T&I Planning & Engineering
  • T&I modelling and planning
  • Port assessment and selection
  • Vessel assessment and selection
  • Development of method statements & storyboards
  • HSE Risk assessments
  • Offshore client representation
Technical due diligence
  • Third-party technology/design/project review
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Route-to-market
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